The majority of these Haiku were written in 2014 and 2015. At the time I got into the habit of writing a poem every day. I've gathered the best of them here.

I think I had odd ideas about poetry- though, in some cases, the results are funny.

Numbered Poems

No. 5

After good morning / I spent all the day in space / voids and curling stars,

echoes of Rachmaninoff / in the rafters like thin bats

No. 6

Young bodhisattva
He farted on a princess
Now he is a shrub

No. 8

a couple eyebrows
scurrying across the floor
good morning insects

No. 14

glub... glub... glub... deep thoughts
submarine approaches vents
finds many tube worms 

No. 16

Racing through the trees
Or crashing against a wall
The wind doesn't mind.

Flowers all peek out their toes
almost set to shuck their clothes.

No. 18

old ideas feel
as pale as graveyard phantoms
when spring tumbles in

A little essay in legs,
an insect declares: "it's spring!"

No. 29

I looked into a well
and saw an old face look back.
Reflections age fast!

Near stone arcades, nervous squirrels / quickly munch potato curls

No. 46

the light is so thin
I spent until two pm
collecting sunshine

No. 56

a sugar cookie / left untouched on a platter / is a grave omen

No. 60

floppy puppy, flop
floppity floppity flop
but I guess me too

No. 76

someone rustles by / ...and I thought that I had found / a secluded nook!

No. 77

mountain flowers / flop and sigh
simple psalms / as slip I by.

cypress trees / guard sleeping bones
Whilst prayer-seepers / pace the stones.
drafts incensed / droning cries
iron bars / and icon eyes
afloat, I pause / froze in a thought
the passing years / past amber-caught

O' monkey maker / O' old man Oz
prayers guilt-edged: / puppy-pause

No. 119

Crusted illness stuck
On Mr. Alley Cat's snout.
No, I'm fine! You first.

No. 153

Have you felt it too?
Something is on the sun's mind...
The end of summer

No. 201

Love? You can find it
Easier than you would think!
Check underneath rocks-!

Un-numbered Poems

UnNo. 1 snow snuffles! / snow sneaks! it growls down roofs / grimly speaks in soft / "softly" sighs UnNo. 2 Interrupt us, please! Your thoughts are always welcome, Air conditioner UnNo. 3 a foggy morning: was there anyone awake, watching it creep in? UnNo. 4 before-sunrise-sounds: a house scratches and scurries. remember me, mice? UnNo. 5 who pays their wages? when's their performance review? business-like puppies UnNo. 6 the setting sun sweeps the park, illuminating runner's flabby thighs